Date Posted: Dec 21, 2020

Retail Brokerage and Distribution Report—Canada Fall 2020

Model Delivery Moves Forward in Canada
This feature explores the growth and competitive importance of model-focused structures and their delivery in the Canadian full-service brokerage (FSB) channel. Both the growth dynamic that exists between different model approaches in the channel, as well as how the current technology framework is evolving to improve the delivery of those structures in Canada, are carefully examined. Following on our research examining the rise of U.S.-based platforms, which has facilitated model-delivery and supported independent advisors south of the border, we explore the role that technological innovation is playing in the current state of Canada’s FSB channel. 

The feature is a must-read for those engaged in the roll-out of model-driven solutions—including sponsors and asset managers; those responsible for practice management and product shelf curation; and vendors and technology providers, all of whom seek insights into where the Canadian market sits and the outlook for investment management outsourcing via model delivery.
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