Date Posted: Dec 15, 2010

Retail Brokerage Fall 2010 Quarterly Report

The aging advisor community is starting to become an agenda topic at executive meetings at many brokerage firms. The prospect of losing a generation of mature, experienced and profitable advisors who manage relationships with the industry’s wealthiest clients cannot be taken lightly. The lead story in the current issue of The Retail Brokerage Report examines in detail the issue of advisor tenure and the related issue of advisor recruitment. The research delves into tenure in terms of experience, gender and production, and looks at the recruitment quandary at a time when rookie programs have been mothballed and the fight is over a modest group of high producers who have yet to think about retirement.This is a story about advisors generally, not just those that carry an IIROC designation. The same challenges are being faced at MGAs and MFDA firms, and to a lesser extent by those who manage the ever-larger sales forces employed by the Canadian banks.
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