Our Customer Insights studies help you sharpen and master your understanding of your client relationships.

In a marketplace undergoing seismic transformations, we provide critical customer insights to help you improve your bottom line and stay ahead of the competition. Our specialization in the financial services sector and breadth of knowledge from our fact-based research put us in a unique position to contextualize your research findings and offer powerful recommendations.

Our Customer Insights body of work includes:

Ongoing Tracking

Provides regular measurement and analysis of key organizational health metrics

Comprehensive Customer
Relationship Studies

Deeper dives into your customer relationship. Focused on Share of Wallet and Key Success Drivers


Conducted across many firms for the purposes of comparing and contrasting, benchmarking and developing an industry view

Our Customer Insights clients include Canada’s leading banks, credit unions and independent wealth management companies.

Meet the Customer Insights team

Mary Taylor
Head, Customer Insights and
Corporate Development

Chris Bateman
Associate Vice President, Customer Insights