Facts, Facts and More Facts: 2011 F-series Wrap-up

As fee-based brokerage (FBB) and advisor managed (AM) programs grow in popularity, assets in F-series funds, which have been developed for use in these accounts, are also on the rise. The series does not include embedded advisor compensation. The potential for F-series is expanding alongside the growing advisor penetration by the two fastest-growing full-service brokerage fee-based programs. Currently 77% of full-service brokers use the FBB platform and 17% use AM programs.

In 2011, F-series assets grew by 14.8% compared to 6% for A-series funds. F-series funds also represented 42% of all fund series launched during the year. For more details see the upcoming July 2012 issue of Insight Advisory Service http://investoreconomics.com/issue/insight-advisory-service. Posted by Travis Young Travis@iei.ca.