Facts, Facts and More Facts: 2012 Update on RDSPs

Mutual funds continue to be the investment of choice in Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs). RDSP assets ended 2012 at $961 million, with mutual funds accounting for 59%. Savings deposits lagged the overall 19% growth of the RDSP segment and ceded 2% share in 2012.

Nearly seven thousand RDSP accounts were opened in the second half of 2012. RDSPs differ from other registered savings plans in that the beneficiary is limited to one account and lifetime contributions are capped at $200,000. According toOttawa, roughly 28% of Canadians who claimed the Disability Tax Credit have opened an account, a fact that suggests further room for the segment to grow.

For more information on RDSPs, please refer to the upcoming edition of our Household Balance Sheet Report http://investoreconomics.com/issue/household-balance-sheet-report-3. Posted by Andrew Dranfield andrew@iei.ca.