Facts, Facts and More Facts: Market-linked Notes – Blog

And the number is… 2,115! That was the number of market-linked notes outstanding in Canada at the end of 2011. The second half of 2011 was exceptionally busy for manufacturers of structured notes. 215 new notes were issued during the period. Add to that the 195 notes issued in the first half of 2011 and the year closed with 410 note launches, an increase of 45% compared to 2010 (when 282 notes were launched) and well ahead of 2009 (261 notes) and even 2008 (375 notes). 2007 remains the segment’s issuance high-water mark with 485 new issues. Once again, BMO was the most prolific issuer with 93 notes issued in 2011, followed by 74 notes from RBC. For more detailed analysis and discussion of the Canadian structured notes segment, please take a look at the Deposit and Fixed Income Advisory Service http://investoreconomics.com/issue/deposit-and-fixed-income-advisory-service-2. Posted by Anthony Yeung anthony@iei.ca.