Facts, Facts and More Facts: Mid-2012 Fixed-term Deposits Wrap-up

Fixed-term deposits (FTDs) ended June 2012 at $489 billion, up $10 billion since the end of 2011. The modest increase marks the first time balances expanded since peaking at $507 billion in 2008. The appetite for long-term certificates is still tepid, with 85% of the net increase going into short-term GICs. FTDs sourced through the advice channels, including financial advisors and full-service brokers, grew significantly faster than those sourced through branch channels, increasing by 5.4% in the first half of 2012 and ending the period with $86 billion or 18% of total GIC balances. While the long-term pattern suggests that advice channels are playing an increasingly important role in the distribution of FTDs, this trend may well reverse when investment conditions become more auspicious. For more information on news and developments concerning Canadian deposit industry, please see the latest issue of Deposits and Fixed Income Advisory Service http://investoreconomics.com/issue/deposit-and-fixed-income-report-fall-2012. Posted by Bonnie Ho bonnie@iei.ca.