1. Equities - include income trusts and common and preferred shares.
  2. Equity and balanced investment funds - are comprised of assets in equity and balanced mutual funds, life insurance segregated funds and exchange-traded funds, with adjustments for double-counting resulting from the wrapping of mutual funds into life insurance segregated funds and insurance company group segregated funds. This category includes all investment funds other than money market, mortgage and bond funds. The universe of equity and balanced investment funds is divided into eight major asset classes: Canadian balanced funds, international balanced funds, income balanced funds, Canadian equity funds, international equity funds, U.S. equity funds, equity income funds and real estate funds.
  3. Equities in private businesses - made up of common and preferred shares issued by private companies.
  4. Equities - represent the assets in common and preferred shares and income trusts, held directly (i.e. not held in managed asset categories or investment funds).
  5. Estate - the sum total of a person’s assets.