Date Posted: Nov 22, 2012
ETF and Index Funds Fall 2012 Quarterly Report

ETF and Index Funds Fall 2012 Quarterly Report

Investor Economics’ ETF and Index Funds Report provides extensive coverage of the fast-growing exchange-traded fund (ETF) segment. Our ETF coverage monitors the segment from a number of vantage points, including asset class, underlying investment and investment strategy. This edition of the report is an abridged, pre-release version of our regular report which is designed to provide an up-to-date view of the Canadian ETF business. Analytical spotlights include a focus on sponsors and their recent growth experience, information on the largest and best-selling funds by asset class, as well as a look at specific segments of the business such as actively-managed, specialty, inverse and leveraged ETFs. Sales activity metrics (net creations) are also included in this report along with a section on product developments.
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