Date Posted: Jun 29, 2011

ETF and Index Funds Spring 2011 Quarterly Report

Investor Economics’ ETF and Index Funds Report provides extensive coverage of the fast-growing exchange-traded fund (ETF) segment, and tracks the progress of index mutual and segregated funds. The current issue of the study includes an analysis of indexing in the insurance company pool space (these are funds that populate insurers’ group retirement and savings (including defined contribution (DC) pension plans) platforms).
Our ETF coverage tracks the segment from a number of vantage points, including asset class, underlying investment and investment strategy. Meanwhile, the analytical views of the index fund segment include the tracking of the mutual funds that “wrap” ETFs, a fairly new sub-category of index funds that make ETFs available to a wider audience of advisors who operate with a MFDA license and have no immediate access to the stock exchange.
Twice a year (including in this issue), the report will feature an update of the holdings of Canadian-listed ETFs by institutional and retail investors, providing insights on the specific distribution channels where these assets are held. For the core retail platforms (full-service and online/discount brokerage) we feature rankings of the most popular ETFs. The rankings extend beyond Canadian-listed products to include ETFs listed in the U.S. held by Canadian retail clients.
We remind our readers that this report constitutes only one part of the service proposition of the ETF and Indexing Report. Also included is access to our team of experts and analysts who are available to respond to your questions and requests for further information or debriefing sessions.
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