Date Posted: Apr 05, 2021

Group Retirement Savings and Pensions Report—Special Feature

Opportunities and Challenges in the Group Retirement Landscape

Over the last year, providers of group retirement and savings services have realized the importance of offering members access to online services and the resources required to enable them to navigate through this difficult period, both financially and in terms of their health and general well-being. Throughout the pandemic, record-keepers have focused their efforts on digital transformation and improving member engagement while not ignoring the need to develop products that recognize the growing importance of decumulation.

This issue of the Group Retirement Savings and Pensions report will provide an overview of the Canadian group retirement savings (GRS) sector. This special feature will further delve into key opportunities and challenges in the GRS market, including the impact of COVID-19, increased focus on well-being initiatives, the growth of the gig economy, product development trends, and more. 

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