Date Posted: Apr 21, 2015
Insight April 2015

Insight April 2015

With long-term investment fund net flows of $26.5 billion, the first quarter of 2015 ranks as the best-selling first quarter in history in absolute terms. But against the backdrop of volatility in capital and currency markets, and fears of an economic retrenchment, the beginning of the 2015 RRSP season campaign was uneven. The April issue of Insight recaps the 2015 RRSP season in the Canadian investment funds industry. Our analysis centers on how current sales and redemption volumes compare to those of previous years. We take a look at asset class directionality and fund product structures. A series of rankings, employing various lenses, zeroes in on the best-selling companies and fund families. The Trendlines piece at the end of the issue examines the recent growth trajectory of balances in different deposit products.
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