Date Posted: Jun 28, 2012

Insight Gisted Report June 2012

The current issue of Insight focuses on the regional picture, highlighting the key differences in financial wealth and investment funds across the country. Canada’s financial landscape is wide and diverse, but the majority of the fund industry trends observed at the national level—such as slower growth and a sluggish sales environment—reverberate through the regional market, albeit to a varying extent. The report examines the makeup of individual regions, as well as the driving forces behind the differences in geographical areas. The analysis reveals opportunities and challenges for mutual fund providers at the regional level, and identifies the sales and growth leaders in markets across the country. Understanding the ways in which each region is unique can help fund companies better tailor their products and messages to investors and advisors. This month’s Trend Lines piece provides an in-depth look at the two main forces reshaping the fund shelf: fund launches and mergers/terminations. The article focuses on the rationalization and fund creation activity that took place during the last five years.
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