Date Posted: Jun 24, 2009

Insight June 2009 Monthly Update

The feature article in the June issue of Insight showcases the findings of Investor Economics’ new research on the fixed income and deposit market that is most relevant to our fund industry audience. The article builds on Insight stories published earlier in the year—on money market funds and income-oriented funds—but places the trends observed in these segments in the broader context of Canadian household financial wealth and the deposit and fixed income marketplace. The latter construct, also referred to as the “available market” in our recently released Deposit and Fixed Income Report, reflects the conglomerate of household assets held in deposits and deposit substitutes (such as market-linked notes and GIAs), as well as fixed income funds and direct fixed income securities. The Trend Lines article looks at fund-linked principal-protected notes. A slew of announcements of “knock-out” events in the PPN segment has cast a shadow on the future prospects of this product as a supplementary engine of growth for the funds industry.
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