Date Posted: Jun 17, 2015

Insight June 2015

One would be challenged to find buzzwords that resonate louder among fund providers at present than unbundled, discretionary, discount and high net worth. From different starting points, the growth and the launch activity of series has been concentrated in products that aim to address one or more of these segments. The latest issue of Insight is the first of two reports focusing on mutual fund series (or share classes). This current lead story documents the asset growth, sales and redemptions trends of non-core series: F, for fee-based accounts; T, for tax-efficiencies; HNW, with high minimum investments; D, for direct conduits and advisor-series load funds sponsored by no-load companies. The next (July) issue of Insight will focus on multi-series pricing. The Trendlines piece at the end of this report documents the main features of advisor portals of a number of fund providers.
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