Date Posted: Mar 23, 2005
Insight March 2005 Monthly Update

Insight March 2005 Monthly Update

“Fund wraps have grown explosively. At the end of 2004 they held more than $90 billion in 100 programs, handily outgrowing stand-alone funds in the past five years. The number of programs available has almost doubled since 1999, with high end fund wraps almost tripling. The fund wrap concept has certainly registered with both advisors and their clients, offering both groups the intangible values of convenience and a systematic investment approach. But how are fund wraps doing in terms of generating returns? This issue of Insight updates and expands an examination we did at this time last year. We have compared composite returns from various types of fund wrap portfolios to those from composites of stand-alone mutual funds and also to a composite of Canadian balanced funds. This year we have also been able to include a brief look at fund wrap performance from the perspective of those using proprietary funds, third-party funds, or both.”
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