Date Posted: Nov 26, 2010
Insight November 2010 Monthly Update

Insight November 2010 Monthly Update

The November issue of Insight provides an in-depth look at the best-selling investment fund complexes of 2010, identifying the key drivers behind their sales success. The hunt for yield continues unabated—at least for the time being—and myriad fund manufacturers are becoming adept at harnessing this trend for maximum sales impact. Beyond the asset class view, the report drills into leading product structures and fund wrap portfolio profiles, quantifying their contribution to the individual company’s sales results. Who were the major beneficiaries of the current powerful income bias? Who has been able to sell against this asset class trend? What is happening to the sales momentum of the core equity categories? The feature research article “Income-oriented is the new term” answers these questions. The November Trend Lines article documents the sales success of insurers in the segregated funds arena, with a special focus on guaranteed withdrawal benefit (GWB) policies.
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