Date Posted: Nov 23, 2012
Insight November 2012 Monthly

Insight November 2012 Monthly

This issue of Insight looks at the key trends underpinning the development of the Canadian funds industry in the first three quarters of 2012 and draws some comparisons to the past five years. Some of the key questions that we seek to answer are: How successful has 2012 been in terms of sales? Where is the money going to in terms of asset classes and product structures? What asset classes, other than fixed income, are picking up speed? Are ETFs poised to assume a greater role in the world of unitized products? Throughout the report we identify the most successful fund companies and point to the drivers of their success. The Trend Lines article (at the end of this issue) looks the importance of segregated fund sales to mutual fund sponsors. While the report examines historical patterns, we also consider how current trends may influence the next few months which includes the upcoming RRSP season, a key selling period for fund managers.
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