Date Posted: Dec 31, 2011

Insurance Advisory Service December 2011

Delivery strategies continue to be a critical—if not determining—component of any successful manufacturer’s formula for gaining market share in the financial services industry. That’s why the insurance delivery paradigm is the subject of the special research feature in the inaugural issue of the Insurance Advisory Service. The article introduces our authoritative and trackable measurement of insurance advice distribution, including a new functional perspective on distributor firms. We provide answers to questions such as: – How many “full-service” MGAs are there? – Which channels are selling which products? – Which insurance carriers are the leading manufacturers in the key advice channels? – Which are the leading distributors in the key advice channels? In addition to the Monthly Segregated Fund Update, the report also includes two Analytical Spotlight sections related to our insurance delivery channel research, featuring the insurance carrier and distributor firm perspective, and the products-by-channel view.
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