Date Posted: Dec 30, 2015
Insurance Advisory Service December 2015

Insurance Advisory Service December 2015

With the start of 2016, we have wrapped up another successful year of the Insurance Advisory Service. Through the first half of 2015 we had a thorough look at regulatory changes across the globe and the future of insurance product delivery at home in Canada. In the second half of the year we focused on retirement product innovation. In our November issue, the annual segregated funds review, we reflected on the current state of the market and outlook for segregated funds. The article studied the drivers of gross sales growth in the past three years and how the product has changed to become more sustainable for the future. The research piece also provided the most recent manufacturers’ sales rankings and identified success factors for the medium term. The last issue of the year provided updated data and competitive intelligence on guaranteed income insurance products. We look forward to another exciting year of life insurance industry coverage.
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