Date Posted: Jul 29, 2015

Insurance Advisory Service July 2015

Since we released our first insurance distribution story in 2011 the pace of new business growth has been subdued for segregated funds, life insurance and living benefits products. New business generation is of critical importance to all distributors and nowhere is this truer than in the insurance realm. This year’s Insurance Advisory Service’s Distribution feature examines the current delivery paradigm and how a new path to growth may be charted. The insurance distribution paradigm is analyzed with an eye towards how insurance carriers can capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead. The entrance of the millennial generation and gradual exit of the baby boomers to and from the workforce appears set to boost insurance product demand. Capitalizing, however, may require innovative distribution strategies/techniques as consumers are becoming increasingly empowered by technology. The feature is an important read for both insurance manufacturers and distributors looking to expand their understanding of today’s and tomorrow’s distribution realities and their place in that evolving landscape. The feature will be of interest to other wealth managers and distributors as these challenges will be faced by myriad players across the financial services sector. The impacts of Canada’s shifting demographics, financial technology developments, and peaking advisor counts will transcend distribution channels and product markets.
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