Date Posted: Nov 01, 2012

Insurance Advisory Service October 2012

This month’s special research feature in the Insurance Advisory Service reviews the developments in the individual segregated fund segment from the asset manager/fund manager perspective. The segregated fund segment has not been immune to the broader wealth management industry trend towards vertical integration—or the use of in-house money management and proprietary funds. Yet, a number of providers use the “open architecture” approach to their segregated fund shelf. The research will help asset managers and fund companies assess the potential of this institutional delivery opportunity and identify the myriad entry points onto the segregated fund shelf. For companies willing to commit time and resources to developing presence, participation in the segregated fund shelf carries two significant benefits. One is establishing a footprint in a risk management product category which—albeit currently de-emphasized as part of the balance sheet de-risking process by Canadian life insurers—is likely to continue to resonate with a progressively older and risk-averse clients and their advisors. Number two is tapping into the 65,000 advisor-deep universe of Canadian insurance-licensed advisors. If you already subscribe to the Insurance Advisory Service, the report is now available for download on our Client Extranet. If you do not but would like to find out more about this research, please contact me directly.
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