Date Posted: Dec 23, 2010

Segregated Funds Report Fall 2010

Investor Economics is pleased to announce the release of the 2010 edition of the Segregated Funds Report. Since the launch of this study five years ago, the segregated funds marketplace has undergone considerable expansion in assets, products and solutions, not to mention participants. The growing scope and size of the Segregated Funds Report mirrors the segment’s expansion, with the study emerging as a full-fledged analytical and decision-support tool of choice for the segment’s players. The 2010 Segregated Funds Report addresses every key aspect of the segregated funds business, from the product shelf, including in-depth competitive intelligence on products and participants, to segment asset-growth benchmarks, sales momentum, regional distribution, and cost/price trends. Particular focus is given to current highly relevant topics such as the delivery paradigm, the impact of regulatory changes, and the outlook for guaranteed withdrawal benefit (GWB) products. The progress and outlook of the segregated funds segment are then placed in the broader context of the lucrative market opportunity associated with the looming retirement phase of the baby-boomer generation. In addition to the study itself, subscribers to the Segregated Funds Report gain access to our team of experts who are available to answer questions and provide further information, as well as deliver customized presentations focusing on any of the multiple topics covered in this research.
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