Date Posted: Apr 13, 2016

The Fee-based Winter 2016 Semi-annual Report

Never before have there been so many wealthy individuals in Canada over the age of 65. Asset protection, estate planning and wealth transfer are frequently identified as key elements of wealth management strategy and personal financial management. Yet, the growth of the personal estate and trust business has lagged that of most wealth management business lines. This lead article in the Winter 2016 Fee-based Report sets out, through the use of Investor Economics’ personal trust databases and extensive interviews with industry executives and lawyers engaged in the estate and trust business, to identify the opportunities for, and impediments to, growth in the business. Put succinctly, what’s troubling trust? This piece is essential reading for wealth managers, distributors and estate and trust service providers looking to take advantage of the demographic shift that is taking place. The aging of wealth, and the impending wave of wealth transfers, will help make estate and trust services a key to maintaining long lasting and intergenerational relationships.
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