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WealthMINE is an internet-based decision support and market analysis tool that will empower industry executives and researchers
to construct a multi-faceted analysis of the structure of the financial wealth of Canadian households. WealthMINE has been developed to harness the power of Investor Economics’ proprietary Household Financial Wealth Segmentation database, a unique resource that slices and dices investable assets of Canadian households.

The Database

Investor Economics segmentation database offers a comprehensive and detailed measurement of the 14 million households that represent the “demand” side of Canada’s wealth market. Our segmentation framework divides financial wealth into…

  • Canada as a whole, province by province, and cities
  • Seven segments of financial wealth assets
  • Seven income segments
  • Seven age segments

This is not simply the financial services industry’s most comprehensive database, but also its most malleable. Residing beneath the aggregate breakdowns is the wealth structure of 547 local markets. This unique resource assists researchers and planners in quantifying where today’s most attractive markets are located and where tomorrow’s most attractive markets will be.

The WealthMINE Tool

WealthMINE is a web-based gateway to the Investor Economics’
Household Financial Wealth Segmentation database. WealthMINE’s
intuitive and highly visual screens guide users in the exploration of the
Canadian household wealth landscape. The tool can help users to:

  • Locate your target markets: Discover areas of high concentration of households and investable assets meeting specific age/income/wealth parameters
  • Search Canada for communities with similar wealth profiles
  • Understand the wealth and household structure of a specific geographic area
  • Compare and contrast geographic areas—ranging from the national to provincial and local market perspectives

WealthMINE enables users to quickly assemble fact-based analysis in support of their organization’s decision-making processes. From identifying
target client segments to determining the potential of the trade area of a single advisor, WealthMINE’s flexible analytical engine can be mobilized to
provide answers to a wide range of strategic and tactical questions. Examples include:

  • Where are my target clients located? Which cities feature the highest concentration of my target audience?
  • Is my regional/local footprint aligned to the local market opportunity? Where should I locate my next branch?
  • How large is the local market opportunity for each of my distribution outlets—branches, wholesalers or advisors? What is their penetration of the household financial wallet by client segment in their trade area?
  • What is the composition of the households residing in a specific local market? Which client segments dominate the investable wallet?
  • How can I benchmark my expenditures according to local market potential?
  • How can I align my marketing campaigns and sales strategies to the unique characteristics of the local markets?
  • How will the changing composition of the local household wallet affect opportunities for growth of my business or that of my distributors?
  • Will the intergenerational transfer create gaps in the alignment of my geographic footprint?

Why WealthMINE?

  • Uses widely-accepted Investor Economics measures of household financial wealth
  • Web-based format means cost-free and seamless implementation
  • Intuitive navigation minimizes training requirements
  • Access to application and analytical support from Investor Economics experts
  • Reporting engine shortens data-to-presentation production cycle

Who will benefit from this tool?

  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Credit Unions, Fund Companies, Brokerage and Financial Planning Firms, Government Agencies and Regulators
  • Any organization owning or targeting branch-based distribution
  • Service providers to financial advisors and other financial services distributors
  • Data downloading capability supports internal market penetration analysis

Specific examples of WealthMINE analyses:

  • Which cities feature the highest concentration of upscale and millionaire retirees? Is my high net worth (HNW) offer calibrated accordingly?
  • Where do high-income (>$150k) baby-boomers live?
  • What percentage of each city’s financial wallet is controlled by a specific market segment: Retirees, Baby-boomers, Gen x or Echo Generation?
  • Which province or metropolitan area has the highest average investable assets?
  • Which city in Canada has experienced the fastest growth for specific household segments based on age, financial wealth and income?