Date Posted: Nov 22, 2023

2023 Household Balance Sheet Report—Appendix

The Appendix presents supplementary market coverage and definitions from Investor Economics’ 2023 Household Balance Sheet, a study that is the compendium of our best thinking, analyses, and data on the financial services industry in Canada.

Within the Appendix, subscribers will find:

A chronology of recent mergers and acquisitions activity across the Canadian financial services landscape.

Detailed statistical tables capturing all facets of the Canadian balance sheet, time-series data (2012, 2017-2022) and our 5 and 10-year propriety financial wealth forecasts (2027 and 2032). The statistical tables capture data cutting across demographics, household balance sheet components, product lines, distribution channels and more.

A glossary of terms and definitions reflecting Investor Economics’ framework and paradigms used to track the Canadian financial services landscape.

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