Date Posted: Mar 26, 2020

The Fee-based Winter 2020 Semi-annual Report

The Golden Years: Gleaming or Tarnished

The Winter 2020 Fee-based Report provides a detailed analysis of the fee-based and managed asset world as we fondly remember it. It provides a valuable backdrop to the events of March 2020 and beyond which have been featured in our COVID-19 communication series and which will be the focus of the Summer 2020 Fee-based report.

Although so much has changed in the past two or three months, there is one thing that cannot be changed: the aging of the Canadian investor community. The lead research article deals with this topical and critical subject which is has attracted the attention of policy makers, regulators, asset managers, advisors, and, unfortunately, fraudsters. The global pandemic will only heighten the need for those in the wealth management industry to understand and, importantly, react to the needs, expectations and behaviours of our senior and most vulnerable citizens. The lead article brings together facts and analysis and will be an aide to all those developing strategies around the aging population as well as those responsible for advising this ever-growing cohort.

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