Date Posted: Dec 14, 2016

Fintech Advisory Service Spring 2016

In Canada, the mass market represents a troublesome paradox in wealth management; a majority of the population, but a minority of the investible assets. While the economics of a face-to-face advice relationship are not conducive to servicing the mass market at scale, emergent technology-driven solutions present a scalable opportunity to reach this segment, or at least influence one of the primary sources of funds into the investment management business for accumulators: savings. The Spring 2016 edition of the Fintech Advisory Service explores the mass market household segment in Canada and the related ideas and technology-driven business models that are emerging, both in Canada and around the world, to service these households. The feature provides an overview of the market size, the challenges facing the current distribution landscape, and highlights the potential impact of the technology-driven and savings-oriented solutions entering the space. The feature is an important read for all financial service providers in wealth management and retail banking, who are looking to maintain a clear competitive picture of the segment where these services overlap. This feature is of particular importance to firms who are developing a direct-to-client wealth management offering, or assessing their impact on the competitive landscape.
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