Date Posted: Oct 26, 2020

Fintech Advisory Service Summer 2020

An Update on The Cryptoasset Ecosystem: New Infrastructure for a New Asset Class

Once considered untouchable by the established guard in financial services, bitcoin and the broader cryptoasset ecosystem have slowly started to shed that label. With advancements in custody, execution, and market structure along with a fast expanding user base, with each passing year, cryptoassets gain further credibility as a legitimate asset class with potential staying power. Tapping into crypto as an opportunity set will, however, require more than just organizational comfort, regulatory clarity, and a willingness to tread into new territory. It will also involve a fusion of cryptoasset infrastructure with the existing financial services colossus, bringing the unique services required to trade, transact and store cryptoassets into the existing financial system, or at least, in line with its rules and operating standards. This research feature aims to highlight developments across the global cryptoasset landscape, the manner in which its infrastructure has evolved, and the ways in which these trends are surfacing in the Canadian market—making it an important read for those in wealth management operations and platform infrastructure, practice management and product manufacturing realms.
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