Date Posted: Jul 15, 2016

Fintech Advisory Service Winter 2016

Our newest research offering, the Fintech Advisory Service, is a collaboration with Toronto-based Parameter Labs. This research combines Investor Economics’ research approach, anchored in constructing measurable benchmarks and industry insights, with Parameter Labs’ innovative data capture and research methodology which is uncovering trends and attributes of consumer demand and engagement. Collectively, this research represents the most comprehensive and unique data-driven program covering fintech currently available. The bundle comprises: Investor Economics Fintech Advisory Service, which provides a comprehensive view of the Canadian fintech landscape with a particular emphasis on wealth management. Subscribers will be able to immediately assess the size, scope and the progression of fintech firms in the wealth management space, while gaining a direct understanding of the key players, ideas and innovations that are shaping the future direction of the industry. Parameter Labs’ Fintech Advisory Service, which uses specific data products to track critical aspects of consumer demand and perceptions around online wealth management services. Subscribers will be introduced to trends in product, service and brand awareness, as well as gain insights into which consumer attributes and preferences correlate to the new wealth management offerings.
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