Date Posted: Dec 09, 2011

Insight November 2011 Monthly Update

The November issue of Insight presents an in-depth look at the year’s sales results for the funds industry. We examine the year-to-date sales trends by asset class and product structure, and look at the companies that led the sales rankings. The feature research article focuses on mutual funds, while segregated fund sales trends are addressed in the Trend Lines article. Despite the recent slippage in terms of net flows, the year-to-date intake remains significant. The first nine months of 2011 reeled in $19.2 billion in long-term net flows, 14% more than the same period in 2010 and close to double the 2009 result. While the top-line result for year-to-date 2011 provides some comfort for Fundland inhabitants, the continued market volatility and pervasive negative economic and market sentiment suggest that the road to full sales recovery will continue to be a bumpy path.
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