Date Posted: Sep 23, 2003
Insight September 2003 Monthly Update

Insight September 2003 Monthly Update

“How has the investment funds market changed after three years of turbulent equities markets, and where is it heading? This issue of Insight examines these questions by looking at how today’s asset mix compares to that of past years. Figure 1a shows the changes in asset mix and gross sales over time. To produce this comparison, we reorganized several of our major asset class categories. For perspective on where the industry sits today, look at the asset mix for 1990. At that time, 53% of total assets were in bond, money market, and balanced funds. And balanced funds were but a measly 10%. It may be hard to believe, but the funds business was not always about equities—though that was certainly the case during the booming ’90s. Now, in the bear’s wake, the biggest inroads have been made by bond, dividend, and income trust funds. Figure 1b illustrates this by removing the noise of heavy sales and redemption activity for money market funds.”
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