Date Posted: Oct 31, 2019

Insurance Advisory Service October 2019

The Future of Insurance Distribution in an Increasingly Digital World

The pace of technological advancements has proven challenging for the insurance industry as firms slowly adapt their businesses, products and practices to innovative tools. The October issue of the Insurance Advisory Service presents the results stemming from insurance distribution and distribution channels and provides an overview of the role of technology in life insurance.

Section 3 of this issue includes a set of quarterly charts detailing segregated fund third quarter results at both the sponsor and the fund level, as well as segregated funds that wrap mutual funds.

Section 4 provides the results of our Semi-Annual Segregated Fund Survey for the first six months of the year. This spotlight provides detailed assets and gross sales data for both traditional and GWB segregated funds, split by distribution channel, region, age profile, registration, load structure, and more.
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