Date Posted: Nov 28, 2011

Managed Money Report – Fall 2011

In the spring, Investor Economics introduced a new content delivery method for the Managed Money Advisory Service (MMAS). Two interim reports are delivered in advance of the final report in order to provide data in a more timely manner. In late May we also provided an update to the mutual fund section with data updated to March 2011. Interim reports have been sent out in September and October with data updated to June 2011. This full report, the ninth such edition of the Managed Money Advisory Service (MMAS), consists of content already delivered, the remaining sections and a thematic piece that contains a summary of trends in the Managed Money as well as a feature on asset mix. This feature presents asset mix trends across all segments of the market and by ownership category. Leading managers by asset class are identified at an aggregate level, as well as within each segment. This was made possible by a process in which data is compiled using a bottom-up analysis that aggregates each individual manager’s asset mix by segment. Other changes to the report include expanding of the pooled fund analysis to look at the overall management structure of the Managed Money business and revising the pension figure to incorporate a more comprehensive registered pension plan figure from Statistics Canada. Total pension assets have been adjusted upwards by approximately $175 billion at June 2011; the history has also been revised. This report and the additional deliverables introduced in 2011 do not constitute the entirety of the MMAS offering. Investor Economics provides considerable service and support. Our professionals are always available to answer questions, provide additional data and attend to the unique needs of subscribers.
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