Date Posted: Nov 06, 2023

Managed Money Report Fall 2023

The Managed Money Advisory Service provides tactical and strategic information on Managed Assets in Canada. In this report we assess the market, competition and growth trends of the industry so our clients can make informed and critical decisions.

We have transformed the Managed Money report into a service with four deliverables to bring you a more interactive experience:

Money Manager Dashboard
(currently available for download)

Mutual Funds (including ETFs) and Segregated Funds
(currently available for download)

Private Investment Counsel and SMA Dashboard
(currently available for download)

Analytical Spotlight on Managed Money (currently available for download)

The dashboards maintain a consistent view of the industry and offer the capability to grab the data to create your own cuts and aggregates. The format also allows the flexibility for us to extend the ranking universes—providing more available data.

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