Date Posted: Apr 20, 2009

Managed Money Report – Spring 2009

This is the third edition of the Managed Money Report, which is devoted to both the supply and demand sides of the managed money business in Canada. The report, which deals with industry data at December 2008, comprises three main sections: The Big Picture, Institutional Managed Money, and Individual Managed Money. A description of our sources, naming conventions, and methodology concerning the data can be found in the About the Data section. Definitions of the terms used in the report can be found in the Glossary. The managed money business encompasses two primary segments: institutional and individual. The institutional segment is made up of pension funds, not‐for‐profit institutions, the investment assets of insurance companies, and corporate portfolios. The individual segment consists of assets managed by private investment counsel, discretionary brokerage assets, and retail investment funds of all types. Features on indexing, hedge funds, and insurance company pooled funds are also presented. Manager data shown in this report represents assets under management (AUM), or those investment assets over which firms have discretion to make day‐to‐day investment decisions, including assets sub‐advised on behalf of other managers. Investor Economics is continually expanding and enhancing its coverage of the managed money business. New metrics and different lenses have been introduced in this edition of the report. An analysis identifying the size and composition of pooled funds – insurance company, institutional, private investment counsel, and retail – has been introduced as a result of access to a new database that tracks over 1,000 pooled funds in Canada. As a result of this pooled funds database, the indexing feature now incorporates institutional pools. Many existing exhibits throughout the report have been enhanced, such as those tracking mutual fund mandate changes.
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