Date Posted: Apr 29, 2011

Managed Money Report – Spring 2011

This is the eighth edition of Investor Economics’ Managed Money Advisory Service (MMAS) report. With this Spring 2011 report, we have focused on improving the timeliness of data dissemination and expanding the analytical content. Changes to content delivery included two interim reports delivered in early March and early April. In late May, subscribers will also receive an update of the mutual fund section, with data to the end of March 2011. This full report consists of content already delivered, the remaining sections, as well as a thematic narrative on the ongoing restructuring of the business of managed money. In this feature story, we discuss the strategic changes – re-alignment of firms, convergence of management styles, and merger and acquisition activity – that have occurred on the supply side of managed money in response to changes underpinning the demand side. Other changes to the report include the reorganization of sub-advisory data and a new methodology for total insurance and corporate assets. Sub-advisory data now appears in the relevant sections (e.g. mutual fund sub-advisory with mutual funds). Insurance and corporate is now aggregated using data collected from over 100 money managers in the semi-annual Money Managers Survey conducted by Investor Economics. We would like to take this opportunity to remind subscribers about the service and support component of MMAS, which consists of a management briefing as well as access to Investor Economics’ analysts and consultants as a resource. We are always available to answer questions, provide additional data, and discuss the data or key trends. We also welcome feedback on the content, structure and new delivery method of the report.
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