Date Posted: Jul 12, 2016

Managed Money Report – Spring 2016

We are pleased to advise that the MMAS Spring 2016 report is ready for download on the client portal. While the content of the report remains unchanged, this edition brings many improvements to the presentation of Canadian managed money. The format of the report has been updated in order to more effectively provide greater value to our clients through expanded commentary and improved charts and figures. Section 1 presents our Global Asset Management lead story, which identifies the challenges asset managers face on a global scale. Section 2 focuses on the Canadian asset management industry, with a high-level overview of assets, leading Canadian managers, asset mix categories and company type analysis. This is followed by a deeper probe into the institutional, retail sub-advisory and retail in-house managed segments presented in Sections 3, 4 and 5. The report may continue to evolve over the next few editions, with additional charts and figures, as we identify new metrics and ways to present our data and analysis of the managed money marketplace in Canada.
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