Date Posted: Oct 27, 2014

Retail Brokerage and Distribution Report Summer 2014

Markets Boost the Household Balance Sheet: Intermediated Advice Channels Rejuvenated…for Now 2013 market updraft helped recast the delivery channel view of the Canadian financial wealth landscape. The special research feature in the current issue of the Retail Brokerage and Distribution Advisory Service takes an in-depth look at how the various distribution channels fared in the hospitable market environment and explores last year’s progress against the backdrop of our long-term forecast. Last year saw an emergence of new delivery modes in Canada—think robo-advice—and an acceleration in the growth of traditional advice-givers (full-service brokers and financial advisors). But will these trends extend into the future? For the readers monitoring our biennial Household Balance Sheet Report projections, the feature provides a mid-point update and sets the stage for the distribution discussion in next year’s 2015 Household Balance Sheet Report. For everyone, the analysis illuminates the critical role each distribution channel plays as the conduit to the Canadian financial wallet. As such, the article is an important read for wealth distributors and manufacturers looking to assess their position within channels, as well as evaluate the evolving competitive dynamic between channels
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