Date Posted: Mar 12, 2012

Retail Brokerage Winter 2012 Quarterly Report

The steady economic growth in Alberta over the past three years has had a noticeable impact on the regional distribution of both brokerage assets and brokers. If this region is punching above its weight, how have the others fared since the dark days of 2008? What has been the impact of recent consolidation on the regional make-up of the industry? What has driven a $30,000 increase in profit-per-advisor over the past two years? The lead story in the Retail Brokerage and Distribution Advisory Service will be required reading for brokerage executives and industry observers seeking answers to these and other questions; answers which will have an impact on national business strategies and regional business tactics in an industry that, while growing in absolute terms, has failed to fully regain the share of personal wealth lost in 2008. As you can see, we’ve changed the name of the former Retail Brokerage Report to emphasize the fact that, for some time, we have been addressing issues that relate to a wide range of advice channels and that our research efforts in the future will not be restricted to retail brokerage. Not only that, the new title recognizes the fact that this report is part of a relationship with our subscribers that goes well beyond quarterly data and encompasses ongoing advice and a commitment to service.
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