Date Posted: Sep 30, 2021

Household Balance Sheet Report 2021

Welcome to Investor Economics’ 2021 Household Balance Sheet Report.

The current edition—our 15th— is the compendium of our best thinking, analyses, and data on the financial services industry in Canada. Importantly, each study reflects the expansive input from you, our loyal readers.

Over the past 29 years, you have shaped the Household Balance Sheet Report’s fact base and storylines by sharing data and insights about your own growth and successes, and by offering your valuable comments on the report itself. In this fashion, the study is truly the fruit of teamwork on a massive scale. The report encompasses data and ideas from organizations and individuals representing financial services providers, regulators, industry associations and public policymakers, both Canadian and global, and weaves this collective wisdom into a single narrative of the state of the union—and the state of the future—of the Canadian household wealth market.

As subscribers to the Household Balance Sheet Report, many of you know that the publication of this biennial report is, most importantly, an invitation to debate the future of the Canadian financial services industry. Key to the report’s potency is the application of its ideas and projections to address specific strategic and tactical dilemmas facing your businesses. As always, the Investor Economics team is ready to help you mobilize this research to uncover opportunities and to prepare for challenges through in-person and online discussions. Through these interactions, the single map of the financial services industry outlined in the Household Balance Sheet Report becomes nuanced into multiple perspectives, made relevant through firm-specific applications of its content. You help us transform the map into an atlas of new maps.

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