Date Posted: Jun 27, 2019

Household Balance Sheet Report 2019

Twenty-seven years and 13 editions later, Investor Economics’ Household Balance Sheet Report remains the compendium of our best thinking, analyses and data on the financial services industry in Canada. The current—14th—volume retains the inaugural report’s objective. It offers a cohesive analytical framework through which financial services providers, regulators and public policymakers can quantify and benchmark the Canadian retail financial services industry and their positions within the industry. By tracking the size and composition of the aggregate household balance sheet of Canadian households over time, and by considering its past and future, the participants in the retail financial services ecosystem can identify opportunities and anticipate challenges ahead.

The current study continues our long tradition of introducing new ideas, new measures, refined data sets and compelling visuals. This constant improvement is possible because the Household Balance Sheet Report resides at the centre of a network of research and data banks at Investor Economics, which includes 25 ongoing research titles and analytical solutions, numerous ad hoc studies and projects in Canada, as well as our expansive U.S. and global databases and thought leadership archives.
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