Date Posted: Apr 10, 2010

Deposit and Fixed Income Report Spring 2010

Welcome to the Spring 2010 edition of the Deposit and Fixed Income Advisory Service (DFIAS) report, the third issue of Investor Economics’in‐depth research into the universe of deposits, guaranteed interest annuities, fixed income securities, fixed income investment funds, and principal‐protected notes owned by Canadian households. Each product segment populating the deposit and fixed income continuum is featured in a separate section of this report and anayzed from a variety of common vantage points. These include delivery channels, product structure, competitive structure, interest rates / pricing factors, term tomaturity, liquidity, transactions, segmentation by account size, and provincial perspectives. In addition to this detailed analysis, each section includes “key takeaways”upfront and commentary on most of the individual exhibits. The current report, fully updated to the end of 2009, contains a number of enhancements and additions to the report issued last fall.
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