Date Posted: Sep 30, 2021

Fintech Advisory Service Summer 2021

Private Market Products, Meet Retail Distribution

Discussions with industry executives have highlighted an expectation that advisors will increasingly seek out alternative investments—either to differentiate their offers or to avoid being differentiated out of the competitive conversation. The current macroenvironmental backdrop provides another tailwind behind diversifying into alternatives, many of which exist in the private markets.

This research feature explores the current and historical issues surrounding retail access to private investment opportunities, profiles the shifting asset manager and distributor perspectives on the space and finishes by analyzing the digital alternative investment platforms, such as iCapital Network, that are seeking to facilitate a greater allocation of private market products in client portfolios.

For distributors and asset managers alike, this feature will provide you with valuable insight into a novel and potentially valuable set of partners with which to develop a private market distribution infrastructure. These platforms are at the forefront of implementing innovative retail private market product structures and, through the provision of tools and services targeted at broker-dealers, advisors and asset managers, are lowering the operational and administrative costs traditionally associated with investing in the private investments.

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