Date Posted: Feb 15, 2017
Retail Brokerage and Distribution Fall 2016

Retail Brokerage and Distribution Fall 2016

Deposit balance growth started hitting its stride across the wealth market following the 2008 downturn. This was particularly true in the full-service brokerage (FSB) channel where deposits have moved away from being simply money on the sidelines to driving a more permanent shift in the mix of assets in the channel. The special feature in the Fall 2016 Retail Brokerage and Distribution Report takes a fresh look at deposits in the full-service brokerage channel and examines the trends underlying the growth of the various components making-up the deposit shelf. Areas of discussion include the short- and long-term drivers of deposit balances in cash, high interest savings account vehicles and guaranteed investment certificates. Specifically how those factors have propelled and maintained those products’ share of full-service brokerage assets throughout the years – including periods of market upswings, downturns and general volatility all through a persistent low interest rate environment. This article is essential reading for all those keen to stay alert to areas of growth and those who need to be aware of trends in the mix, liquidity and security of assets in the full-service brokerage channel.
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