Date Posted: Oct 19, 2017

The Fee-based Summer 2017 Semi-annual Report

Two macro trends are colliding in the wealth management business: the transition toward fee-based revenue streams, and the growth in technology-driven process automation and service delivery—the online advice business is at the centre of this collision. This research feature explores the robo-advisor-for-advisors model in Canada and identifies the key players; the factors driving its emergence and leading to its adoption by advisors, dealers, and other participants; and the potential impacts further down the value chain in the Canadian financial services landscape. For those who are looking towards digital solutions, a “build it and they will come” mentality has scarcely proven effective in the fintech world to date. So, the question remains: will digitization in the customer interface and in various functional areas shift around the competitive power in the wealth management value chain? The implications for distributors and asset managers alike are still taking shape, but are already thought-provoking. This feature provides key practice and operational context and perspective for asset managers, wealth managers and distributors who are competing in the Canadian market place for a slice of the $4+ trillion held in retail financial wealth.
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